Our Approach

What is Jerry’s Charities?

Jerry’s Charities was started by Glendale Mayor, Jerry Weiers in an effort to make positive difference in the lives of local citizens in need. The goal is to provide resources to charities, which expand their ability to help others and improve the quality of life in our community. Mayor Weiers utilizes events and fundraising activities that he personally spearheads to contribute to these charities.


How do you become one of Jerry’s Charities?

Each year a limited number of charities will be selected to focus on as the beneficiaries of the event(s) scheduled for that year. As part of this partnership, each Charity will be required to support the event in a number of ways in order to benefit from the funds raised.

Jerry's Charities is part of Arizona Community Foundation.  Non-profit Tax ID 86-0348306

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